In 2009, Misty graduated from the Trent University’s German Studies program. She then completed a certificate in teaching English as a Second Language at George Brown College. In the summer of 2010, she travelled to Chongqing, China to teach English before moving to Dortmund, Germany for two years.

After returning to Canada, she taught English and German as a freelance teacher. Once again drawn to German and higher education, Misty completed her joint MA in Intercultural German Studies (University of Waterloo/Universität Mannheim) in 2016. Her thesis focused on Albert Camus' concept of the Absurd in German climate fiction. After a short break from graduate school, she is now pursuing a PhD at the University of Waterloo’s School of Environment, Resources, and Sustainability. Her research focuses on the role that climate fiction novels can play in our cultural understanding of climate change. When not reading books, you can find Misty out running in the woods or hunting for mushrooms.