Avery grew up playing in the awe-inspiring lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands and watersheds of the Kootenays, in British Columbia. This deep connection to water and nature is what led Avery to work, play and volunteer her life in the environmental sector.

Her focus has been in the world of water, working with NGO’s of all sizes, all levels of government, Indigenous Nations, Industry and various public and private organizations on policy, stewardship and collaborative change-making. Avery’s professional experience has been complemented by an education in International Relations with a minor in Women’s Studies (BA, 2012), Integrated Environmental Planning (Diploma, 2015) and Environmental Management (Masters, current). Avery’s graduate research is focused on the influence that nature-based awe has on water professionals from BC and Ontario. Avery’s research is supported by funding from SSHRC’s Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Masters Scholarship (2019-2022) and the Canadian Federation of University Women’s Centennial Scholarship (2019-2021). In her spare time, Avery can be found playing on her skis, mountain bike, canoe or running shoes deep in the natural world.