Hanna has now moved on to new adventures in the BC Pubic Service.

Hanna holds a Master of Environmental Studies (2017), Bachelor of Environmental Studies with Honours (2015), Diploma in Environmental Assessment (2015) and Diploma in Ecological Restoration and Rehabilitation (2015) from the University of Waterloo. Hanna also has experience delivering environmental presentations on various topics to the public, designing and implementing water/wastewater education and outreach programs, and coordinating wastewater infrastructure projects.

Hanna’s passion for helping people – herself included – make better decisions about the environment inspired her undergraduate and graduate research interests. Her research focused on exploring emotional responses (e.g., fear, anxiety) to existential threats and how these responses influence water decisions. Specifically, she explored how large water infrastructure projects and residential water end-uses could be hero projects (i.e., projects that will endure beyond our biological existence), and how these hero projects may persist in response to mortality reminders. Hanna was involved in two SEE Lab projects: (1) she led a study that identified embedded emotions and mortality reminders in urban water efficiency campaigns, and (2) she co-authoreda Terror Management Theory (TMT) and environmental behaviour systematic scoping review published in WIREs Climate Change. Her research was been supported by SSHRC’s Insight Grant (Wolfe).

Hanna resides on Vancouver Island with her husband and spends her free time hiking, camping, surfing, power lifting, and making macramé. She cares for a (neglected) pet sourdough-started named “Fernando” and a growing collection of houseplants.