The natural world is a magnificent, awe inspiring gift and Stephanie has always been passionate about protecting it and encouraging others to do the same. When she was only ten years old, she created "Save our Planet" signs and posted them around her neighbourhood. Since then, her life’s pursuit has been to understand how to motivate pro-environmental decisions and put that knowledge into practice.

Stephanie has more than six years’ experience helping municipalities encourage their businesses and residents to adopt environmentally desirable behaviours. Her expertise has included designing, implementing, and evaluating solid waste, water, and wastewater projects and programs. Currently, as a Water Conservation Program Coordinator at the City of Guelph, she manages residential water conservation programs (e.g. Blue Built Home) and the tap water promotion program and implements the Water Efficiency Education and Outreach Strategy. Her work is heavily influenced by her academic expertise.

Stephanie has a Bachelor of Environmental Studies (2012) and Master of Environmental Studies (2015) from the University of Waterloo. During her studies, she developed a keen interest in why people still make ‘bad’ environmental decisions despite clear economic sense, knowledge, and scientific and technical rationality. For example, why do people continue to drink bottled water instead of tap water? This led her to research and publish the role that emotions play in environmentally related decision making and effective public engagement and communication. Stephanie is currently completing a Doctor of Social Science from Royal Roads University (2025). In her dissertation research she is exploring how to design communication and engagement efforts that can overcome the automatic, emotional disgust reactions that are a significant barrier to the successful adoption of water reuse practices.